Strategies and Tactics in Armed Conflict

Strategies and Tactics in Armed Conflict:  How Governments and Foreign Interveners Respond to Insurgent Threats

Patricia Sullivan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Johannes Karreth, Ursinus College

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Data Feature article

We introduce a new dataset on the strategies and tactics employed by belligerents in 197 internal armed conflicts that occurred between 1945 and 2013. The STAC dataset provides scholars with a rich new source of information to facilitate investigations of how regimes and their foreign supporters have responded to insurgent threats and the effects of actors’ force employment choices on a wide variety of intra- and post-conflict outcomes. In addition to 17 novel variables that measure the strategies and tactics employed by governments and intervening states, the STAC dataset contains independently-coded measures of many variables that overlap with existing datasets—a feature that facilitates the replication of existing studies and robustness checks on the results of new studies. We demonstrate the utility of the STAC data with an analysis of the impact of rebel mobilization on the basis of ethnicity on the propensity of governments to employ forced resettlement, civilian protection, civilian welfare projects, and civilian targeting to counter the insurgent threat.


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